« When you bring technology back to society, you create jobs, you increase income for the country. In our case, you also reduce negative impact on the environment. »

Silas Villas Boas, SCO, Scoop Media October 2018

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The Invention of Apple Flour

Waste Stream to Revenue Stream

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Editor Spotlight: Prebiotic Rich Flours Challenge Food Waste

January, 21th

World’s first low-calorie fermented flours tackle food waste and fibre defiency

January, 31th


NZ Loses Promising Startup To France

October, 16th

Could This Zero Waste, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Carb, NZ Pinot Noir Floud Be The Next Superfood ?

October, 16th

Great Science And Good Food Makes Million Dollar Business.

October, 15th

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Fruits Flour

November 2017

Low-Calorie Apple Flour Takes On Wheat – NZ Herald News

December, 1st, 2015